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Austrian-shaped bottle – Apricot Schnapps 0,7L


No added flavor.

No added sugar.

100% Austrian ingredients.

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The world’s unique Austria-shaped bottle with premium apricot Schnapps.

Not only we Austrians, but people from all over the world love our homeland with its picturesque landscapes, diverse traditions, and warm-hearted people. In the extraordinary Austria-shaped bottle, we capture exactly this and bottle a true piece of Austria. Every sip of our apricot schnapps takes you on a journey to the sunny orchards of the Alpine foothills, offering you a unique moment of enjoyment. The elegant and high-quality bottle is a tribute to Austrian quality and reflects the exclusivity of our product. This is how good Austria tastes!

Experience, knowledge, passion for distilling, and … a vision.

It all started with the idea of bottling the high-quality emil schnapps in a unique, globally exclusive bottle, thereby meeting our genuine quality standards. Our ambitious vision: Schnapps should reappear as a premium product on the international spirits map and stand alongside excellent rums and whiskeys. Because we are proud of Austrian fruit brandy. For over 150 years, our name has stood for premium spirits from the heart of Europe. We have always placed great importance on quality, combining tradition and innovation. emil knows how it’s done.

Genuine Austrian craftsmanship

Filled with one of our homeland’s most beloved schnapps, we celebrate Austrian fruit schnapps with the uniquely shaped bottle. emil apricot brandy is produced in Ried im Innkreis, Upper Austria, from the gentle processing of handpicked ripe fruits to the slow, careful distillation, without added sugar or flavoring. This preserves the natural purity and the authentic, intense flavor. Austria to touch and enjoy!

An exquisite pleasure for both the palate and the eye

The unique bottle is not just a container for the noble contents, but also a real eye-catcher. It enriches every spirits shelf with an excellent drop – whether in a supermarket, in the hospitality industry, or in your home bar. Perfect for gifting or self-indulgence, we offer an exclusive brandy for discerning connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Our emil apricot brandy can be enjoyed in various ways – neat as a digestif after a delicious meal, as an accompaniment to a cozy evening with friends, or as an ingredient in extraordinary, reimagined mixed drinks – offering an exciting alternative to familiar cocktails and long drinks. Let your creativity flow!

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